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The Swedish Somali Business Programme (SSBP) is a capacity development programme that provides financial and technical assistance to entrepreneurs to establish sustainable businesses in Somalia. SSBP takes on a human rights perspective in private sector development with the objective of creating jobs and contributing to the reconstruction of Somalia.

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Photo: Agnes Nygren

The Swedish Somali Business Programme (SSBP) is funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) and implemented by Forum Syd and Business Sweden. The programme gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to explore, start or expand a business in Somalia. Companies are invited to apply for financial support from two different modules, each of them adapted to the different stages of the process of establishing and developing a business in Somalia.

  • Feasibility Study (Module 1) – Gives the opportunity to explore a business idea for three months and includes financial support of up to 35 000 SEK
  • Implementation Phase (Module 2) – Gives the opportunity to develop a business idea or expand a business during twelve months and includes financial support up to 200 000 SEK

Programme components

The Swedish Somali Business Programme consist of four pillars, each with a specific purpose to enable the programme to fulfill its purpose and objectives:

  • Challenge Fund – small seed grant to entrepreneurs at an early stage of the business venture to enable them to explore opportunities and start up a business with the potential for job creation and contribute to the reconstruction process of Somalia
  • Capacity Development Facility – training and support on doing international business in a Somali context as well as linkages to gender, democracy,human rights, conflict and sustainable use of natural resources
  • Access to more capital – information and support in accessing financing from other challenge funds or through investors
  • Scale up analysis – collect and convey analysed market data in order to scale up analysis and enable improved Public Private Dialogues and policy level work based on input from participants of SSBP

Behind the programme

Forum Syd is a politically and religiously unaffiliated organisation with around 140 member organisations from the Swedish civil society. Forum Syd was founded in 1995 and is the largest civil society platform in Sweden. Business Sweden is owned by the Swedish government and the Swedish Foreign Trade Association, representing the Swedish business community, and is assigned to help Swedish companies to grow and expand their business to foreign markets.