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Application Process

Who can apply, when and how can you apply for funding, what are the assessment criteria and what will happen after you have sent in your application. In this section you will find answers to these questions.

There will be no application window for 2019 due to an evaluation of the programme, read more here.

Who can apply? 

The programme is created for entrepreneurs managing small and medium-sizedcompanies, that would like to explore a business idea, start-up a business or expand their business activities in Somalia and contribute to the reconstruction and development of the country through job creation. Furthermore, companies that are already established in Somalia and need financial support to further develop their businesses are also invited to apply.

Due to the security situation, lack of formal legal authorities and the need for an understanding of the local business culture, it can be challenging to set up a business in Somalia. Swedish-Somali entrepreneurs which already have successful businesses in Sweden usually have an understanding of the business culture and an already established network in Somalia, and should therefore have good opportunities to succeed in setting up and developing businesses. However, the programme does not only address the Somali diaspora; it is open for everyone with sustainable business ideas and a willingness to invest in Somalia.

Since businesses run by women tend to promote inclusive growth even further, the programme aims to reach as many women as possible. Therefore, women are especially encouraged to apply. SSBP intends to support business ideas with focus on sustainability and human rights. Contributing to the reconstruction of Somalia from a rights-based perspective is important to the programme.

When and how can you apply for funding?

Information on next application window will be posted on this page. Applications must be submitted exclusively via this website. The application needs to be complete with all required documents to be evaluated. The application form should be filled-in correctly and the applying company must comply with the programme's criteria. Moreover, all mandatory appendices must be attached and provided either in English or Swedish. 

Please observe that a company cannot:

  • Be granted in the programme’s Module 1 and Module 2 at the same time
  • Be granted in each programme module more than once

Following attachments should be provided depending on the Module you are applying for, company’s country of registration and applicant’s residence, for more information please read through the assessment criteria carefully:

  • Application form
  • Registration certificate
  • Proof of ownership
  • Owners approval on SSBP participation (depending on the type and percentage of company - please go to assessment criteria pdf for more information)
  • Annual report from the latest fiscal year
  • Copy of passport (applicants holding only a Somali passport won’t be taken into considerations due to restrictions in Sweden’s migration policy)

Application closed