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Assessment criteria

Once we start the evaluation of the application, we first check that you comply with the formal eligibility criteria requirements. Applicants that comply with the eligibility criteria are then evaluated on the financial and technical viability of their business idea (selection criteria). After this, your application is evaluated regarding relevance and positive impact in the local context (award criteria). 

  • The applying company must be a for-profit registered business
  • The applicant must be the owner or co-owner of the applying company
  • The applying company must work under legal and ethical business practices
  • The applying company must be able to co-finance the project with 20% of the SSBP grant in money and 80% in time, money or a combination of the two
  • The applying company must be able to participate in a 3 days mandatory training
  • All applicants need to send a passport copy (applicants holding only a Somali passport won’t be taken into considerations due to restrictions in the Swedish migration policy)
  • The applicant must be able to ensure intermediate or fluent language skills in spoken and written Swedish and/or English 
  • For Module 2: The applying company must demonstrate sound business acumen by either:
    • Being registered for over one year and being able to submit an Annual report
    • Having previously received a Module 1 grant from SSBP

Please note that Formal Criteria has changed from criteria used during previous windows of application 

In this second step Business Sweden assesses the following aspect by applying the following selection criteria:

  • The capacity of the applying company: information about previous experience of the applying company and current activities
  • The potential and commercial viability of the business idea
  • The relevance of the budget and project plan from a business perspective

Based on the results of the assessment, Business Sweden shortlists a number of applications that are sent to Forum Syd for final revision.

In  the third and last step Forum Syd assesses the following aspects of the application using the following award criteria:

  • The social responsibility and risk awareness of the applicant
  • The relevance of the business idea to the Somali context and SSBP programme plan
  • The feasibility and cost-effectiveness of the budget and project plan

Applications that will be approved for funding have clearly shown a motivation to include the above criteria into their operations.