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Being part of SSBP

As part of the programme, you will have access to a series of trainings offered both in Sweden and Somalia. Some of these are mandatory and some are optional.

Capacity development facility 

As an introduction to the programme, all participants will take part of the three-day training in international trade regulations and business development, this training is mandatory for all SSBP participants. The purpose of the Capacity Development Facility (CDF) is to strengthen the companies before entering the programme and to take responsibility in a developing context, increase awareness among the programme participants regarding how their business affect development activities, employment, environment, peace and security, and additionally how these can impact the reconstruction of Somalia.

Business advisor (mentorship) 

All participants in Module 1 are given a business mentor; the mentors work as international export advisers at Business Sweden and have extensive experience from working with small and medium sized companies with export ambitions. Module 1 grantees will have around four sessions with their advisor during a three months period. Examples of themes that can be discussed during the meetings include pricing strategies, competitor analysis, distribution strategies, how to create a plan for a distributor search, prepare for a marketing campaign, scale-up and finding additional funding. In order to get the most out of the mentor programme, participants are advised to work on their export strategy between meetings. The mentor sessions are offered in Business Sweden´s regional offices all over Sweden, but can also be offered on Skype if needed.

Training in Somalia 

SSBP offers training in Somalia for module 2 companies, both for the participants but also for their employees. The purpose of the training is to strengthen the company to achieve financial stability the programme period. Trainings will be on financial management and accounting systems, human resource management and marketing, conducted by a Somali consultancy firm. In addition to the training, the consultants will do a follow-up visit to each company to ensure that the right practices from the training have been implemented. Furthermore, these trainings are a requirement for module 2 companies to have a chance to apply for additional funding (Module 3) within the programme. This additional funding is set up like module 2 but with a shorter implementation period of 6 months. The funding is conditioned to the company’s achievements and programme requirements during module 2. 

SSBP journey

An overview of the different stages of your application and the programme.

The application is done online for both Module 1 and 2 where application forms and supporting documents are uploaded. Check here for exact dates and more information.

Information is clarified through communication between SSBP staff and applicants and Forum Syd staff undertakes due diligence on the ground in Somalia

Applications have now been evaluated by SSBP and a decision has been made by the Forum Syd Preparatory Committee.

All accepted applicants attend three day training in Stockholm called Capacity Development Facility (CDF). After completion and submitting additional details, contracts are signed.

First grant installment is disbursed and module 1 grantees start their feasibility study and module 2 grantees start turning their business idea into an operational business.

Grantees continue with implementation according to activity plan, module 1 companies meet with their business advisor 4 times during the programme period. Module 2 grantees implements according to their Activity Plan and submit a progress report every two months to Forum Syd. Module 2 grantees receive additional funds according to milestones achieved and Acitivty plan.

Module 1 grantees end their feasibility study and write both a final report (including a narrative report and a financial report) and a business plan.

Module 2 grantees end their implementation after a year and submit a final report. If milestones are achieved and all criteria fulfilled, module 2 grantees can apply for further financing, this is a closed application.