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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

All types of business can apply to the programme. In Sweden the following forms are approved: Sole proprietorship, private limited company, trading company, limited partnership and cooperative society. If the company is based in another country, it should be registered with the relevant authority and an equivalent form. SSBP is not open for organisations.

SSBP is open to all registered companies that have an interest in investing in Somalia, or further develop a business activity in the country. Any company applying to SSBP must provide proof of being officially registered. This document should be sent as an attachment when applying All compulsory training and consultancy will take place in Sweden and the participants will cover their expenses for travels, food, and housing during the training using own funding or funding support provided by the programme. SSBP is not open to organisations or non-registered companies.

For legal reasons, Forum Syd can only sign agreements with officially registered businesses. No matter which country or region it operates in, the applicant needs to prove that they are officially registered with the relevant authority. Business Sweden and Forum Syd will review the registration documents sent with the application carefully and follow up with the local authorities.

SSBP is open to all registered companies, regardless of nationality, which have an interest in investing in Somalia or already have business activities in the country. However, it is a requirement to participate in the mandatory CDF training, which takes place in Stockholm. Applicants with only a Somali passport will therefore not be accepted due to restrictions in Sweden’s immigration policy.

Regardless of nationality and legal status, the company will be assessed in competition with the other applicant companies. Experience of the Somalian context is one of the criteria. Thus, companies with experience from Somalia, as well as an established network in the country, are considered as more likely to succeed than others. Still, this is one of several criteria.

We refer to the definition of the European Union from 2005: “The category of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is made up of enterprises which:

  • employ fewer than 250 persons and
  • have an annual turnover not exceeding EUR 50 million, and/or an annual balance sheet total not exceeding EUR 43 million.”

The programme has been designed to last for 3 years (2016-2019). Currently there is no information on when a new application window will open. 

Dormant companies can apply to module 1 but before disbursement, if a grant is granted, the company must be activated. When applying to module 2, the financial report from an active fiscal year should be submitted as an attachment to the application unless the company already partook in module 1.

SSBP is open to all relevant entrepreneurs who want to invest in Somalia. In the current situation, neither Forum Syd nor Business Sweden have the capacity to assess applications in any language other than Swedish and English. Only applications in English and Swedish will be accepted.

An applying company cannot:

  • Get a Module 1 and Module 2 application approved within the same application window.
  • Participate with the same business idea in the same module more than once during the programme period.

All companies whose applications have not been approved for an application window are invited to apply again during a later application window. To strengthen their chances of getting the application approved on the second occasion we encourage the applicant companies to design their applications in well in advance before the application window closes, and ensure that the application meets the formal, and the selection and award criteria.

After the application deadline has expired, Business Sweden will evaluate the applications and make a first selection (a so-called short-list). Thereafter, Forum Syd evaluates the selected applications based on its relevance and added value on the basis of a Somali context. A second short-list will be presented to SSBP Steering Committee, where a final decision of approval will be taken. The assessment process takes approximately 4 months.