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What happens when you have applied?

Forum Syd together with Business Sweden will have approximately 4 months to evaluate applications. At the end of the evaluation period Forum Syd will first contact the pre-approved applicants, and then those who were not approved. If an admitted applicant doesn’t comply with the conditions, another company which is ranked as next in line on the reserve list will get the offer instead.

If approved

Within two weeks after application approval, participants should confirm their participation in the programme by sending in these complementary documents:

  • Proof of participation in the three-day-course on international trade, business development, sustainable entrepreneurship and security (e.g. hotel reservations and tickets)
  • Baseline survey and potential additional information requested
  • Company bank information
  • Complete missing information in the application

Forum Syd will sign the contract, and the agreement becomes effective once the participants have completed the three-days-course in Stockholm. Payments of the funding and logistic will be handled by Forum Syd. The payment will be executed once the contracts are signed and according to the following principles:

  • Module 1: participants receive 100% of the financing when the project starts. 
  • Module 2: the disbursement of the grant will depend on the activity plan presented by the grantee before signing the contract. The disbursement will be divided into three disbursements in accordance to the activity plan.

To minimise the risk of abuse, all participants need to read and sign Forum Syd’s anti-corruption policy, and agree to issue a full repayment of the funding if the terms of the contract are not respected.

The following costs are not eligible for SSBP grants (there might be other costs that cannot be covered with SSBP grants thus SSBP will contact grantees in case there is a need of budget clarifications or changes):

  • Purchase of land, real estate or buildings.
  • Credits to third parties or interest of those credits.
  • Travel expenses in “business class” or “first class”.
  • Costs for which the organisation has already received a contribution through another agreement.
  • Liabilities and associated costs or losses.